Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas this year was great. It was Averee's 2nd Christmas, last year she was only 6 months old so she didn't care much, but this year she was 18 months and was soo fun to watch. She loved to rip the paper off and was even excited about the stuff inside. She got a little horse that stands and has a saddle from Santa and Christopher got a 22 magna, as he calls it! Plus they each got a tun of other presents from all their grandparents. They were pretty much spoiled this year!
We spent the day going to all the grandparents houses and later that evening we had Christmas dinner in Paris at my grandparents! Christopher was with his mom for Christmas this year, so he came on the 26th to spend his Christmas vacation up here. We spent that day opening presents and playing with all the cool toys! It really was a great Christmas and I am so thankful that we live close enough to share the holidays with the ones we love!

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